Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies

Is a university educational, research and expert workplace of the University of Defence (UO) established according to § 22 Art. 1 lit. c) Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on Higher Education Institutions. The mission of the Centre is to carry out educational, creative and expert activities to ensure the state’s defence while respecting the requirements of the Ministry of Defence, the ethical rules of the UO and creative and academic freedoms.

The Centre fulfils the role of the highest educational and research facility in the defence field. It is a unique facility providing educational and creative activities in the field of security and military-strategic studies, defence planning and management, strategic leadership and defence analysis. The Center provides the education necessary to work in management positions at the political-military, strategic and operational military level and in international security and defense institutions.
Using the latest trends and methods of educational activities, we prepare military professionals, employees of state bodies and territorial self-governing units involved in ensuring defence.


Career Education

We conduct educational activities mainly in career courses - the Senior Officers Course and the General Staff Course.

Professional Education

We train selected MoD personnel in the following special courses: the Strategic Management Course, the Operational Level Planning Course, the Strategic Level Management Planning Course, and the planned National Defence Course.

Academic and Publishing Activities

We publish two reviewed journals - Obrana a strategie and Vojenské rozhledy.

Obrana a strategie
Vojenské rozhledy

Expert Activities

We are involved in the preparation of documents and recommendations to support decision-making at the MoD strategic level. The CSMSS organises the annual international conference "Defence and Strategy".